Building the MS - Part 3

Building the Mystic Seer - Part 3

Continuing from Building the Mystic Seer - Part 2

ms-8.jpg (70020 bytes)Final coat of primer, lightly wet sanded again.

ms-9.jpg (54311 bytes)Here's an internal picture of the MS before I put in most of the guts. I had placed a single half-wall to hold the lever but decided to go with a full wall in the end.

ms-10.jpg (33406 bytes)This is the left internal wall (as seen from the back of the MS). It is the one where the lever mounts. You can see the simple spring I have attached to the end of the lever. The two holes in the wall are where the bolts will go through that hold the Napkin "pusher". The square notch cut out of the one corner is where I will put a small coin chute. It is needed because the coin slot does not line up with the center section of the MS where I want the coins to go. For the lever I used an old hack saw blade which I filed off the teeth.

ms-11.jpg (63506 bytes)I also added a coin-op type lock I had laying around. You really need to find an older style lock that shows some age. I happen to have some kicking around from an old gumball machine. You want the type with a threaded center so that you can thread a rod to the back cover.

You can see the white plastic coin chute on the upper left side of the grey plastic wall. This directs the coins into the middle.

There seemed to be two kinds of levers on the original Swami machines. One with a rounded knob and one with a square knob. The rounded one was used in the TZ episode. I made a replica of the rounded version and made a mold of it. This allowed me to cast the knob directly onto the metal lever.

I captured the label from a scene on the TZ episode DVD. I sucked it into Photoshop and cleaned it up. The lettering has a slight "smoky" appearance to it that I like.

This is the instruction label I made in MS Word.

I have also recreated the Mystic Seer fortune slips as seen in the TZ episode, complete with all the fortunes that were read. I include a set with each Devil Head I sell.

Here's my Mystic Seer Replica all put together

I decided to take the Mystic Seer to Fright Vision in Cleveland, Ohio. That motivated me to finally make the back cover. Here's a picture of it on display with some of the other models in the contest. Looks a little out of place, but what the heck. Oh, and I made a penny during the show. When I went to pack it back up for the trip home, I found that someone had dropped a penny in the slot. I hope there fortune comes true. I wonder if they know what they were getting themselves into?