Building the MS - Part 2

Building the Mystic Seer - Part 2

Continuing from Building the Mystic Seer - Part 1

ms-3.jpg (50085 bytes)I then glued on a piece of styrene plastic sheet material over the top and front. This was the outer skin that provided the curved top/front surface. Then I inverted the box and filled the curved corner with a plastic resin from the inside. This gave quite a bit of strength to the corner.

ms-4.jpg (65741 bytes)I cut the holes and slots after the skin was put on because I was going through two materials and needed them to line up. I used my Dremel tool. The top coin slot is just big enough for a penny, but dimes also work. Since my MS was more of a napkin holder/bank, I was tempted to enlarge it big enough for quarters, but wanted to keep it as original as possible, so I didn't.

ms-5.jpg (66059 bytes)The green blobs are spot putty used on plastic models. It is made to work with styrene. You could use an automotive "Bondo" type spot putty but it may soften the plastic and not work as well.

ms-6.jpg (58963 bytes)First coat of primer paint. Starting to look like the real thing.

ms-7.jpg (50930 bytes)Second coat after some wet sanding with 800 grit sandpaper.

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